Lovingly and skillfully created oil paintings that will last a lifetime. The perfect gift for a pet lover to celebrate a new (or old) furry family member. Keep their memory forever with beautiful artwork for your home.

    Sizes & Pricing

    These are the recommended sizes for portraits on panel. The prices listed are for paintings on flat panels. Cradled panels with 3/4" or 1.5" wood sides are an extra $40 (prices in parenthenses), but you will not need to frame them. I put the hardware on the back, so a cradled panel will be ready to hang on your wall as is.
    Stretched canvas or linen can also be substituted if you prefer a textured surface.

    • SMALL

      8x8" - $240

      8x10" - $280

      A perfect gift for the owner of a small pet. The square is good for the face, and the rectangle can fit a small pet's head and upper body.

    • MEDIUM

      12x12" - $360

      12x16" - $400

      This is a standard size for any kind of pet. The square is especially good for a headshot, while the rectangle can easily fit the full body of a smaller pet.

    • LARGE

      16x16" - $520

      16x20" - $560

      This size is ideal for large pets, full body images and/or multiple pets. A more elaborate background is also possible. Up to 2 pets are included in the prices listed. Additional pets are $50 each.

    Photography Guidelines

    The best photos lead to the best paintings. Below are some guidelines for choosing or taking a photo of your pet. Sometimes it's not possible to have a high quality image, but please be aware of the limitations of the resulting painting. A low quality image is best suited to a less realistic, more "graphic" depiction, which I can also do for you.


    • Clear light source
    • Good color variation
    • In focus
    • Level with the pet's face
    • 3/4 or front view (unless you have a strong preference for a side view)
    • For black fur, please be sure there is enough light for me to see some variation in color and the shape of your pet.


    • Blurry
    • Dark
    • No clear light source
    • Poor color visibility
    • Too close (results in distortion)
    • Too far (can't see details)
    • Taken above the pet/looking down at the pet
    • Over or under exposed (can't see details)
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    Next Steps: Inquiry & Booking

    How to Book Your Pet Portrait

    1. Please fill out the form below to reserve a pet portrait or ask me any questions you have about the process. You can also attach up to 3 initial photos of your pet directly through the form.
    2. We’ll discuss what you’re looking for once I receive your request, and then decide on the best photo reference for the project. 
    3. A 50% deposit sent via PayPal or Venmo is required before I begin painting.
    4. I will check in with you when the portrait is almost finished, to see if there’s anything you want tweaked.
    5. The rest of the payment is due before shipping.
    6. Shipping cost is on a case by case basis, based on the size and weight of the painting.

    I'm so looking forward to working with you and portraying your beloved friend!